Organization Partners

MEP Network

The Manufacturing Technology Center is part of the MEP Network.   MEP stands for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership. MEP is a nationwide  network of not-for-profit centers in nearly 350 location nationwide, whose sole   purposes are to provide small and medium sized manufacturers with the services   they need to succeed. The centers, serving all 50 States and Puerto Rico, are   linked together through the Department of Commerce's National Institute of   Standards and Technology. Centers are funded by federal, state, local and   private resources to serve manufacturers. That makes it possible for small firms   to tap into the expertise of knowledgeable manufacturing and business specialist   all over the United States.

Each center works directly with area manufacturers to provide   expertise and services tailored to their most critical needs, which range from   process improvements and worker training to business practices and applications   of information technology. Solutions are offered through a combination of direct   assistance from qualified center staff and outside consultants.